Keeping Tabs! Launching a New Page”,)

One of the first hurdles we encountered after our diagnosis was finding a clinic or center that offers specific services and therapies that we needed in order to help our son. I believe there are parents who are seeking help for their children but have no idea on how to start or where to start looking, especially within the province. This is the reason why Unlocking Puzzles is launching a new page.

CONTACT LIST” is a compilation of centers, clinics and schools that offer various services and therapies within the province of Batangas. It might not be much but it’s a start and every bit of help counts.

Contact List” will be a ‘live’ page. For now our list is composed of clinics within Batangas but eventually we’d add more to create a network easily accessible to special needs parents especially those who are living in the provinces or rural areas.

If you know of a clinic, a center or a school that caters to the needs of special needs children please feel free to send me a message with the details or leave a comment below so we could update the ‘Contact List’ page. Let’s do this together!