It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture…


Unlocking Puzzles is a personal blog, a passion project of a mum with a child within the spectrum.

I am not a professional, as I am often told, but I want to share a view from my window on this side of the planet. The articles on this blog will revolve around my experiences, daily encounters and every grain of knowledge I pick up along the way. But mostly it will depend on the weather.

The main purpose of this blog is to spread autism awareness and to build a community where people can support each other and exchange ideas on what could or would help our little angels. Perhaps, in some small way, I could provide comfort to mums like me who, at some point, felt lost, alone and hopeless. I take pride in the thought that even if I don’t achieve all the goals of this blog at least I’d be a source of momentary entertainment. I hope that through this blog I’d be able to make you smile and think, “That happened to me too…”

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy!